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UT 2004 2on2 TDM Cup Fall 2011 written by zech, 2011-09-12 15:23 CEST (2 comments)

Update: Due to the low amount of sign-ups I decided to cancel this cup. I expected way more teams after everyone was so upset that ClanBase didn't run any TDM OpenCups. Effing hypocrites.


Without further ado I'd like to invite you to take part of this UnrealNorth 2on2 TDM Cup, starting this Saturday, September 17th. Registration for the tournament is now open. Read more for further information and helpful links.


Please don't rip me for the maplist, it's basically impossible to please all players, unless you add virtually every single map to the mappool, which would be retarded to be honest. I think this mappool combines a good mix of large, medium and small sized maps.


Monday, Sep 12th: Registration open
Saturday, Sep 17th: Registration closed (around 6 PM CET)
Saturday, Sep 17th: Start of Grouptstage (around 6 PM CET)
Friday, Sep 23rd: End of Grouptstage

Saturday, Sep 24th: Upper Bracket Quarterfinal, Lower Bracket Quarterfinal, Upper Bracket Semifinal, Lower Bracket Semifinal
Sunday, Sep 25th: Upper Bracket Final, Lower Bracket Final, Consolation Final, Grand Final

Groupstage Schedule (all times CET!)
Saturday, Sep 17th:
Start of Grouptstage (around 6 PM CET)
Friday, Sep 23rd:
End of Grouptstage

With this schedule, teams have more than six days to play their group matches, which should be enough.

Play-off Schedule (all times CET!)
Saturday, Sep 24th:
17:00 Upper Bracket Quarterfinal
18:15 Lower Bracket Quarterfinal
18:15 Upper Bracket Semifinal
19:30 Lower Bracket Semifinal

Sunday, Sep 25th:
17:00 Lower Bracket Final
18:15 Upper Bracket Final
19:30 Consolation Final
20:45 Grand Final

Note that there must be at least 16 signed up teams for this play-off schedule. If less teams sign up, simple SE play-offs or limited DE play-offs on sunday are possible aswell.

General Rules
To simplify communication between other teams, it is recommended to idle in #UnrealNorth on QuakeNet.

Matches will be played using a best-of-three system. In the event that a third map needs to be played, this map is chosen by elimination. The player or team with the lower amount of frags over the previous two maps will start the elimination process by removing one map from the entire maplist.

The cup is open for everyone. For example, if you are from the United States or Israel and want to participate, there's no problem. However, is is mandatory to play on an european server and as stated in the rules, enhanced netcode has to be deactivated (unless your opponent agrees to activate it!).

Cup page [unrealnorth.com]
Create an account [tourney.cc]
Create a team [unrealnorth.tourney.cc]
Sign up [unrealnorth.tourney.cc]

Rules [unrealnorth.tourney.cc]
F.A.Q. [unrealnorth.tourney.cc] - Please read!

Season 3 - finished written by zech, 2008-09-14 22:32 CEST (2 comments)


Team.hrsn [2:0] Pizza Masters!
DM-Campgrounds: 173:132 Shot [abload.de]
DM-DE-Osiris2: 130:99 Shot [s2.directupload.net]
Demos pov Silver [unrealnorth.com]

1on1 Ranking after two cups [tourney.cc]
4on4 Ranking after one cup [tourney.cc]

Next cup will be a 2on2 TDM cup, starting in two weeks. Signups will start during next week. Stay tuned!

Season 3 - 4on4 TDM written by zech, 2008-09-07 23:06 CEST (7 comments)

Oh man i hope that enough teams will sign up so this one can become a great and entertaining cup. The cup will be held this sunday, the first round is scheduled for 15 CET and we will use a Single Elimination Bracket system for this one. Sign up is now open. Note that this cup may get cancelled (or replaced with another gamemode) if there won't be enough participating teams. :(

Make sure to read the F.A.Q. [unrealnorth.tourney.cc] and please have a look at the rules [unrealnorth.tourney.cc].
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